Creating Scotland’s smartest, greenest city

Perth West covers 240 hectares of land on the western edge of Perth zoned for residential and commercial development.

Perth West will accelerate clean inclusive growth of Perth through investment in infrastructure and land that enables climate change adaptation, skilled employment opportunities and public amenities to come forward at speed.

The location and scale of the project presents a unique opportunity to deliver a step change in the transition of Scottish cities to a zero-carbon economy, through infrastructure, land uses and a governance model focused on skills development & job creation.

We support the work of the Perth City Leadership Forum. Their 2020 summit launched the “Perth: the most sustainable small city in Europe - what will it take?” programme, which profiled Perth West. View Here.

What is Perth West?

The first phase totals 180 hectares and forms the southern part of the development . Through collaboration between UK & Scottish Governments, Perth & Kinross Council, local businesses and academic institutions, the ambition is to position Perth as one of the smartest, greenest cities in Europe. The plan is to achieve this through the design and delivery of energy and mobility infrastructure to develop commercial land and integrated residential neighbourhoods.

Project Components

Perth Innovation Highway

A Tay Cities Deal project, the Perth Innovation Highway describes a corridor that connects existing and planned city mobility and full fibre strategies with renewable energy sources. The corridor will comprise physical and digital infrastructure brought forward within a governance model that provides secure, affordable and wide-reaching research capabilities, commercial and public access. The ambition is to connect the A9 through a replacement junction at Tibbermore with the city centre to enable the step change necessary to decarbonise heat and mobility.

Perth Eco Innovation Park

Unlocking the economic potential of the smart infrastructure, 26 hectares of commercial land will be designed and delivered as a ‘knowledge hub’ to leverage the research, skills development and technological applications of the Perth Innovation Highway. This is forecast to deliver 1,080 net new jobs and a GVA of £65m per annum for the city once completed.

Stage one is a mobility hub unlocking an active travel programme, alongside mobility as a service options and a last mile delivery centre, all connected to a smart energy network. This will be Scotland’s 1st green, city ‘living lab’.

Lamberkin Village

Perth West is zoned for 3,500+ homes which could include as many as 875 affordable homes. Lamberkin Village will offer an inter-generational housing mix, along with a broader range of tenures and new delivery models, connected by a pedestrian and cycle-friendly street network to create walkable neighbourhoods.

The digital infrastructure delivered by the Perth Innovation Highway will provide technological support for home working, assisted living and connections to the active travel options enabled by the Broxden mobility hub and last mile delivery. Connecting into the DR.ECO smart local energy network will allow the residential development to come forward, to achieve the Scottish Government’s net zero 2045 target.


Delivering clean growth priorities for Perth necessitates city scale renewable energy resources, infrastructure and a governance structure to integrate energy, mobility and digital platforms.

Working with PKC, industry and academic institutions, a city scale smart energy network is being developed. DR.ECO forms an early phase of this infrastructure, as part of the living lab concept, with a particular focus on heat, transport and inter-seasonal storage.

To support delivery of the project the John Dewar Lamberkin Trust submitted an application for planning permission in principle for the southern part of the development in May 2020.


You can download the latest project update here:

More information

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Perth West forms part of a number of UK and Scottish Government Investment plans including

  • Invest in Great Britain
  • Scotland is Now
  • Tay Cities Region Deal